Easy way to line your eyes (Lash Line)


Added on: 2011-06-23

First find your lash line use the eye marker/liner in jet. Using the eye liner/marker and really line in your lashes first just wage the liner/marker in to your lash line all the way lash to lash liner should be so creamy and that’s what you want to have so there is no pulling or tugging on the eyes and try to make the line as straight as possible. Once you got in your lash line try to make it lash to lash because a liner is for to make your liner looks thicker. After having that line already done with your eye marker/liner take liquid liner and trace the line so you can go from inner to outer tracing the line and it is important to really do long and then filling. If you get a wave or uneven line don’t worry about it you go quickly back and fill and do the same with second eye.

Here you are with lined eyes and you are on the trend.  

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