The fake lash look


Added on: 2011-06-24

Now what everyone wants thick long lashes.  Now first thing you want is good mascara.

Start from the base of your lash and wiggle up with the mascara and the reason you want to wiggle up is you want to quote every single lash so you get really thick lashes so you want that liner just to make it really thick and lashes.  You should be sure you are doing this evenly so the thickness is throughout. However you want to really linked in your lashes as well you can use scandal lash just on the ends of your lashes just to give it a little bit more lash extension foes lash look scandal lash make it big it really extend them and makes them long. On the very tips just take the tip of mascara and come through on the outer corners as far as you can take it on the lash extension.

There you go with beautiful lash look.   

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