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Amina Yasmeen


I don’t call myself a full-fledged designer as yet. But what I do is appreciated by my clients.” Mansoor commented that designer shirts should have vivid embroidery, style, grace and a concept unique to that particular designer. Mansoor Khan works under the designer label "Amina Yasmeen". Only around for a couple of years, Mansoor already has a reputation for making clothes that are out of this world. Talking to him, one is encouraged that the upcoming talents are experts in their field. Many have raved about Mansoor’s designs, saying his work tends to break traditional designing values.

At Amina Yasmin, another difference is of jamawar cloth, used mainly for ghararas. “There is a jamawar cloth that costs Rs 70 per yard and then there is a jamawar cloth that costs Rs 700 per yard. So you see where designs and cuts matter, cloths also have a say on the pricing of an individual shirt.”

Mansoor is getting ready for more fashion courses. Apparently he has his sights fixed on a foreign university that will enhance his qualities in the fashion field.

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