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Karma is a label synonymous with success, brilliance and creative excellence. After eight years of staying at the top and catering to elites and ordinary clients alike, karma has built for itself an exalted niche which unarguable belongs to them. Today, Karma is known to deliver style, taste and elegance and in doing so, it is revamping the image of an eastern girl.

Karma was never a flexing-muscles project for its founding designers; who always nurtured it for a blast off into space. Though it was started in a drawing room, the professionalism and dedication that it was dealt with never really made into anything but a budding business. From the drawing room to, two couture studios, eight outlets locally and one in the Middle East and the newly renovated upscale corporate headquarters, karma surely has come a long way, not to mention again in eight short years.

Like many other design houses around the country, Karma too had the flare and the enthusiasm to make it big. But for them, `big` had an entire new meaning. After being acclaimed internationally and locally, opening outlets and having fashion shows around the globe and a massive clientele which feels privileged to be a part of the Karma family; it seems Karma is just doing what it does best; i.e. being the best.

Today the Design director, together with her creativity and acute work ethics makes an outstanding combination to head the fashion house. Strictly professional and exceptionally she is taking Karma to places Pakistani designers have seldom seen. Her vision for Karma exceeds territorial boundaries and goes beyond simply dressing up women.

This is where, Newport West steps into the scene. Collaborating with this American based company is perhaps the best thing that could have happened to Karma. When Newport West first came to Pakistan, they were willing to invest in a reputed design house but one that they could trust with complete ease. They were willing to completely take over the financial and corporate side of the business and let the designers do what they originally meant to do. It believed that a design house running purely on talent needed a direction and a structure that they could fall back on and for them Karma seemed to fill out the requisite form to precision. And so Newport West made Karma into the only corporation of its kind in the country.

Karma holds a strong market positions in its three existing business segments; Karma Wedding which deals with only bridals. Karma Couture that deals with formal wear and Karma Pink which is the prêt brand. In October 2008 Karma launches Karma Fabric which will be unstitched seasonal fabrics keeping Karma’s signature design philosophy and color in mind. Karma Nation will be introduced by December 2008 which will be a trade label for the brand geared towards volume and the masses.
In 2009, karma plans to launch Karma Bling, which will be high-end costume jewelry and next summer, Karma Sole that will consist of trademark jewelry chappals and mules. Karma today symbolizes a brand rather than a name. Judging by their past record of effortlessly succeeding in any endeavor that they put on their schema, it will be no surprise to see Karma pulling it off yet again.

With a thoroughly organized business, complete with a corporate setup, Karma who have already taken over the local market, plan on joining the big guns in the international arena. And why not; when the professional and smooth running of the corporation is at par with any international design house around the world!

A country that timidly backs off when it comes to setting trends and making statements, Karma has decided to take it upon itself to change it all. By doing so, they are not only giving themselves the satisfaction of making it big but also giving a country something to be proud of.

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