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Munib Nawaz is the one who tickles the thin line between the ideological dream and confined reality. Often breaking prevalent norms, he defines his own reality. He believer in what can be achieved rather than what has been achieved, Munib take on designing and life has earned him a good reputation. His creations cater to those who believe in elegance, opulence and style without boundaries. Living an inspired life makes him an unstoppable force and an energy level that is contagious; he inflicts positive energy in all that comes in contact with him.
He established the brand in 2003, Munib got instant commercial and critical offers. In a very short period of time, the brand became famous. He won the "Pakistan Style Award" in 2007 and 5 consecutive nominations at the "Lux Style Awards", brands position has evolved as a success story, not just in the minds of customers but also in the Media. Munib Nawaz his name for himself by becoming one of the most created men's wear designers of Pakistan. He has dressed the who's who of Pakistan.

His work has gotten critical charm not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. Now with the "men's style designer of the year award" at the Miami fashion Week 2009, which had designers from more than 25 countries, his work stands dynamic .

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