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Hassan Shehryar Yasin, HSY - Pakistani Designer

While Hassan Shehryar Yasin's (HSY) choreography always has an upbeat pace, not for him leisurely sashaying on the catwalk by the models. Never has this been more evident than at his recent showing of the DuPont Lycra 'Has It' collection designed by Hasan Shehryar Yaseen. And little wonder, with over 70 outfits shown by 30 models, fast and snappy remained the mood for the show - apt, for a western wear collection featuring togs for both the male and female wardrobe. No gender discrimination here, equal numbers of outfits for both were shown.

Hasan Shehriar Yaseen promoting fabrics with Lycra blend, the 'Has It' campaign's theme being, 'You either have it or you don't' brings the product to a more personal level, while differentiating Lycra blend garments from the rest. Projecting the designer chosen for designing a spring/summer 2004 collection for the multinational by saying "Hassan Shehryar Yasin has it" in the introduction as a pun might be taking the branding element too far, since not only was branding very much in evidence at the venue, but giveaways included lots of literature on the same. Along with a multimedia presentation and a couple of speeches thrown in, a word has to be put in for subtlety here.

Effectively bridging the gap between raw material - fabric, and the finished product - a prét line, DuPont has shown the way for the textiles industry to gear up for more value-added products. In the competitive global market for apparel, fashion and textiles, with our basic textile sector infrastructure in place, there remains the need to boost exports. While the Lycra-incorporated apparel line is aimed at both the local as well as foreign market, an interesting fact, as pointed out by DuPont was that "all fabrics used" were locally produced by different mills, primarily Nishat mills, Liberty mills, Master Naqshbandi Industries, Artistic Denim and Siddiqsons Denim.

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