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Élan is a French word and is synonymous with style, confidence and elegance. The label Élan has come a long way since it started and is now considered one of the most sought after brands in Pakistan. By making it’s collections available in all major cities at exclusive boutiques, such as Rehanna Saigol’s ‘The Shop’ in Karachi, Mélange in Islamabad and The PFDC boulevard 10-Q in Lahore, Élan has become a force to reckon with in the fashion Industry. Furthermore, Élan’s is opening its flagship store at the Mall of Lahore and also launching its prêt wear at Labels, one of the most popular multi- brand clothing stores on Zamzama Boulevard Karachi. 

Élan design philosophy stands for exactly what the word means. Clothes are supremely elegant and though there is versatility in each collection the underlying aesthetic of restrained glamour and pizzazz is never compromised. Élan’s outfits can be traditional or modern, heavily worked or lightly embellished but they are always easy on the eye, an attribute lacking in the work of most local designers. The cuts and colour palette are also quite unique with most buyers’ going weak kneed over the beautifully draped shirts and pants. All materials used in the prêt and the couture lines are 100% pure giving the clothes season after season longevity and with stringent quality control and flawless finishing Élan outfits are the perfect choice for anyone interested in super luxurious clothes.

At Élan extensive research is done in terms of colours, cuts, motifs and international trends. The prêt line showcases a variety of prints which is an influence from the international catwalks. “I am greatly inspired by western trends as they keep evolving and are constantly setting the bar for innovation and renewal without which the greatest names in fashion can become monotonous and irrelevant” Khadijah Shah, Creative Head Élan. 

Élan’s client base has rapidly expanded in the last two years; it has clients not only within Pakistan but also abroad especially in the US and the UK. The reason for the brands success, “On time deliveries, quality control and most importantly I will never design anything I will not wear myself” says Khadijah Shah.

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