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Kamiar Roknis and Maheen Ali


Karma is one of those lucky few who always knew what it is they wanted to do with their lives. "I knew I wanted to be a designer much before the Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PSFD) had even been established. I don't think I would have ever been happy doing a nine to five job even if it is a lot less exhausting and less time consuming than this one. Anything concerned with aesthetics is my cup of tea whether it is doing home interiors or landscaping or home accessories etc.".

Kami is an interesting mix of contrasts and contradictions. Bred and born in Pakistan, he feels more at ease designing a pair of trousers and a tank top than a shalwar kameez. "Probably because I've always been wearing westerns and I've been reading Vogue since I was six. Also due to the nature of the training provided by PSFD you will find that most of the graduates will be more proficient in designing Westerns than Easterns since our entire syllabus is designed and executed according to the guidelines sent by the mother school in Paris and the emphasis thus is on the designing of jackets and skirts rather than on the making of ghararas and lahngas."

Karma is about clothes that demand attention without eclipsing the person wearing them. Karma's label is about innovative fashion; modern, fresh, glamorous, yet timelessly elegant. Fashion is more than the clothes you wear. It is the way you live your life. Karma's clothes reflect that individuality. They are about style, a sense of aesthetic beauty that is relevant anywhere and everywhere in the world.


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