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Kechoos - by Jehangir


The label Kechoo's one of the best fresh fashion houses of Pakistan is a collection of art merged in eastern wear. The Fashion Designer Jahangir Khalid whose label turns out to be his nick, actually, Kechoo. 28 years old Keecho has learnt the basics from Pakistan School of Fashion Designing and his creative nature.

He came in the fashion Industry in 2003 but within one year he attracted all the art admirers at his fashion house because of his quality work in Bridal dresses.

Bridal dress means a lot to an eastern girl, a one true time of honour and happiness therefore when it comes to designing a wedding dress Kechoo puts an extra effort for having a lot of options for embroidery and creation, Kechoo's specialty is Bridal and Sari's, His favourite colour combinations are Pastel colours. He is very enthusiastic and filled with energy. He always says that every new bridal dress is a challenge, a challenge with an opportunity, an opportunity to prove his art.

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