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Khayaal began eight years ago by Durnave Chaudhri when an interest in fashion design was translated into a formal enterprise committed to reviving traditional patterns in clothes making. The enduring inspiration behind the idea has been a reinvention of haute couture, delving deeply into ancient culture yet simultaneously being able to tailor it to contemporary tastes.

Meticulous attention to detail has been integral to Khayaal's success. Durnave spends much time with her clientele to determine their requirements. As the genesis of unique apparel begins to take shape, she personally supervises a team of highly skilled artisans. The process is akin to creating a mosaic, bringing together a range of sartorial talent in designing, colour selection and stitching. In order to remain true to her original convictions, the creations always carry the traditional motifs that have become Khayaal's signature. The work is both inventive and innovative and has successfully resuscitated nearly extinct forms of zardozi and embroidery.

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