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Salman Malik


Conceived the idea for Aangan after seeing the derelict state of the traditional weaving industry in Punjab.

Aangan's 'eco-friendly' cotton and khaddar outfits bear the loving stamp of the weavers' toil, for each fabric is hand-made over a considerable time. The spiritual theme behind every pattern has travelled through time from generation to generation. It is for this reason that Salman Malik's weavers refuse to commercialise their craft; they reject higher profits and do not amend any patterns or colours.

Salman's exquisitely patterned fabrics are sculpted to modern silhouettes in slinky, flattering cuts. Lungi's are remodelled into layered pants and shawls are cut down to sleek blouse tops. The casual look is supported by the comfort of wide jeans and loose shirts and jackets foro both men and women. Formal moods prevail in more structured lines, with vivid colours spilling into textured layers. As tradition meets the modern vision of Aangan, fashion surges forward with brave new ideas to adorn the body.


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