Asifa & Nabeel at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2012 Lahore


Added on: 2012-09-05

 Asifa & Nabeel has lately provided her results in of drop selection for men & females at the slam of PFDC Sunsilk Style Weeks time 2012, Day 2 at expo middle Lahore. Asifa & Nabeel is a very popular fashion brand for females Official, Wedding and Informal use. Asifa & Nabeel is run by two innovative and skilled developers. Asifa & Nabeel present an combination of vivid embroideries of Kelash and Sindh. Asifa & Nabeel selection 2012 at PFDC Sunsilk Style Weeks time 2012, fashionable females frocks, joint duration covers, sarees and long dresses were shown all in fall shades of bright, fantastic and greyish are very common and looking amazing and outclass. Asifa & Nabeel has also provided their men's clothing kurta selection which was ornamented with sensitive elements and embroidering. Allows have a quick look at newest results in of drop selection 2012 for Men & Women by Asifa & Nabeel at pfdc sunsilk fashion week 2012 Day 2.

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