Al-Karam Qadri New Abaya Collection 2012


Added on: 2012-11-02

 Lately Al-Karam Qadri has released Newest Abaya Selection 2012 for Islamic ladies. Al-Karam Qadri is product of The the air jordan was established since 1927 in Nablus by Mr. Dawoud Hamdan Qadri, in a assured plan; Mr. Ibrahim Dawoud Qadri ongoing working on developing the product “Al-Karam Qadri” during 1980 in Amman – The the air jordan. Al Karam Qadri Team outfits contains relaxed, vibrant lengthy tops, free streaming dresses, lengthy streaming go neckties, breezy mild moderate sports wear, and recognized wealthy official ware. . It is now known for quality and variety in the style of magnificent Abayas and stylish Galabeyas. Al-Karam Qadri has presented designer Abayas with stylish embroidering, drops and elements. Al-Karam Qadri Abayas line contains Informal, Formal and Wedding Abayas. Newest products of gong base fleshlight sleeves, dual media tops etc are exclusively included in Al-Karam Qadri Abayas which look very stylish. Allows have a look at latest style abayas 2012 for females by Al-Karam Qadri.


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