Launch First Digital Fragrance Bond No. 9 2013


Added on: 2013-04-24

Connection No. 9 New You are able to is expecting to entice the tech-savvy with its first Electronic Perfume, which enhances as a three-dimensional QR value. The fragrance company is always doing the same factor and the same factor and the same factor, said Connection No. 9 creator and proprietor Laurice Rahme. We desired to really catch what is going on on the globe. Everybody is on the internet. Everybody is cellular. So we have to do a fragrance for that globe. It’s a different globe. The Fragrance, which releases July 30, functions an increased elegant red QR value on the electrically powered yellow-coloured container, which clients can click with their cellular phones to buy on the Connection No. 9 website. The value performs through ads, in individual or via the varied Bondmobile, which will be protected in the style. “What I really like about the appearance is that for all of us in this market referring to how challenging and costly it is to practice and maintain revenue reps, to have a container that talks to the customer, straight, is the desire,” she said. “It’s not a shopping area [distribution]. It’s not Sephora. It’s beyond that. It’s the most immediate way to buy that you could ever have.fragrance. The $250 fragrance, Rahme said, is intended to catch the substance of the globe's “largest town,” the Online, a first for the neighbourhood-marking New York-based Perfume Product It’s a location,” she said of the Web. “It’s a community. It’s just searching for community.

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