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Added on: 2013-05-22

Working in all kinds of designs, from informal to large formals. Book the transaction now by emailing us on: 3Scouture@gmail.com

To position purchases please e-mail us the image / product ID of the dress(s) you wish to purchase along with your complete contact details. All of our clothing are customized, as per your specifications. Our e-mail deal with is
3Scouture@gmail.com. For worldwide clients the suggested method of transaction presently is European Partnership or Money Gary.

Please observe that you will need to provide the below described information for the order(s) to be processes:

- Your measurements

- Statistic Chart:

1. Shoulders
2. Duration of the shirt
3. Neck
4. Chest
5. Waist
6. Hips
7. Daman
8. Fleshlight sleeves duration full
9. Fleshlight sleeves duration short
10. Fleshlight sleeves width
11. Trouser length
12. Trouser waist
13. Trouser hips
14. Thighs
15. Knees
16. Paincha
17. Inseam

The shades proven in the image might vary from the real dress(s) considering shades as proven on your PC display are always different as they appear in real-time. Also, different components show same shade in different modifications.

After you have offered all these information and have of course sent us the transaction we will begin working on your dress(s). We give you a preliminary schedule for each outfit beforehand, but there is always a little difference due to various aspects which are beyond our control. Please remember our concern is the high high quality of perform, always. Most of our clothing are hand crafted, especially wedding and official.

Once you asked for, you can't be able to create changes after 10 hours of arranging.
Considering all of our clothing are customized, we have a no return and no come back plan.


To create the transaction - Domestic

Please e-mail us with your dimensions & asked for distribution time frame. We will deliver you a verification e-mail along with transaction information. Development will begin once we get 100% enhance. Delivery is free within Karachi, not in whole Pakistan.

To create the transaction - International

Please e-mail us with your dimensions, asked for distribution time frame & place. We will deliver you a verification e-mail along with transaction information. Please observe that we need 100% transaction in enhance. Delivery is at consumer's cost.


Q. Can you add sleeves?
A. Yes, sleeves can be included at no cost & will be completed the same top high quality components as the clothing. If you need additional embroidering, then there may be a little cost.

Q. Can I modify large of the outfit?
A. Yes, we can modify large to match your wish however Modifying colors is not suggested unless we have tested it formerly to create sure it has the appropriate visual.

Q. Can I have a dupata with the outfit?
A. Yes. The costs from Rs. 2,000 for a chiffon dupata to Rs. 3,000 for a kamdani dupata. Please e-mail for particular costs.

Q. What components do you use in the outfits?
A. We use the finest high quality components in all our items because we believe high quality is the concern.

Q. How lengthy before I can get an clothing I have ordered?
A. This generally relies on the year. We endeavor to create sure that you have your product within 30 days however that is topic to the perform going into each product. Beginning purchasing is the best way to create sure you get your product soon enough.

Q. If I don't like my clothing, can I come back it?
A. Unfortunately, all sales are last & we do not agree to profits. We would like to pressure that we will create sure our best initiatives to satisfy you because we believe in a lengthy lasting connection with our clients, rather than a once selling viewpoint.

Q. How do I create payment?
A. For household purchases, we agree to financial institution exchanges. For worldwide purchases, we currently agree to financial institution exchanges & European Partnership.

Q. Can you create an clothing bulkier for a more official occasion or less large for a less official one?
A. All aspects of our clothing can be customized in your case.

For any further concerns, please concept or e-mail us!
at 3scouture@gmail.com

Happy Shopping :)
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